License Agreement

This license agreement is made by and between. PREMIER SYSTEMS LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "premier"), of Partnership House, 84 Lodge Road, Southampton, England, SO14 6RG, and having its principal place of business at FigFlex Offices, Frobisher House, Nelson Gate, Southampton, SO15 1GX (hereinafter referred to as "licensee").
This license agreement applies to the computer software listed in schedule 1 including, but not limited to the computer program material recorded on diskette or other media and the associated documentation supplied by premier.


PREMIER hereby grants to the LICENSEE, and the LICENSEE hereby accepts, in consideration of the mutual promises and undertakings contained herein, a non-transferrable and nonexclusive license to use the PREMIER software product(s) specified in Schedule 1 ("PRODUCT") subject to the terms and restrictions set forth in this license agreement. The LICENSEE agrees upon execution of this agreement, to pay PREMIER a monthly license fee as indicated in Schedule 1. In addition to payments made under this agreement, the LICENSEE agrees to pay any taxes from the licensing of the PRODUCT with the exception of income taxes.


The LICENSEE or its employees may not sell, assign, or otherwise transfer this license or the PRODUCT to any third party without PREMIER SYSTEMS LIMITED'S written permission.


The licensed PRODUCT is copyrighted by PREMIER. The LICENSEE or its employees may not copy or otherwise reproduce the PRODUCT or any part of it nor shall the LICENSEE remove any copyright notices or other proprietary notices from the PRODUCT.


PREMIER makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the PRODUCT, its merchantability or its fitness for any particular purpose. The PRODUCT and all licensed materials are provided on an "AS IS" basis.

Update Policy

PREMIER may from time to time revise the PRODUCT or offer an enhanced version of the PRODUCT. PREMIER shall have no obligation to furnish such revisions to any PREMIER customer, except upon the LICENSEE'S request and for any reasonable charge an updated version of the PRODUCT shall be provided. Where a Software Support Agreement is in place all such upgrades shall be available free from charge under the Support Agreement.

Software Support And Enhancements

Customer support, software improvements, and corrections of the PRODUCT are provided by PREMIER subject monthly subscription being paid.

Limitation Of Liability

In no event will PREMIER be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the PRODUCT.

Legal Fees And Waiver

In the event of legal action brought by PREMIER for breach of this agreement, PREMIER shall be entitled to reimbursement of all costs, expenses and legal fees incurred by it in obtaining a remedy to said breach. Failure of PREMIER to enforce a breach of any portion of this agreement by the LICENSEE from time to time shall not constitute a waiver of such right in respect to the same or any other breach.

Data Protection

The data of the LICENCEE is the property of the LICENCEE and will be stored securely on servers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). PREMIER will not share your data with any third party. PREMIER may use your data to diagnose software problems where necessary through internal teams. If at any time the LICENCEE wishes to obtain their data PREMIER will provide all data stored on GCP as long as the requests are not unfounded or excessive. If the requests are excessive or unfounded a fee may be charged. The LICENCEE has the right to request in writing that all data stored by PREMIER on GCP is deleted.

Provisions And Governing Law

This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of England. If any of the provisions, or portions thereof of this agreement are, or become, invalid under any applicable statute or rule of law, they are to that extent to be omitted.
The LICENSEE acknowledges that he has read this agreement and agrees to all terms and conditions stated herein. The LICENSEE agrees to be bound by terms to this agreement and that this agreement is the complete statement of conditions and terms for the transaction defined by the agreement.


The LICENSEE will pay monthly subscriptions in advance to access the software. Without payment PREMIER holds the right to withhold access to the software package. There is a 30 cancelation period.
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