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Premier's cloud-based software, BrewMan, is designed to optimise every distillery process to increase productivity and grow your business.

Ensure full traceability with

Raw Material Management

Keep your material inventory in order by recording it in BrewMan. See a live view of material and product stock across multiple locations, including for your sales people at point of order entry.

Automatic logging of batches from purchase orders.

Trace every batch throughout your production through to sales, giving you end-to-end traceability.

See materials that need to be reordered based upon your actual or hypothetical production schedule.

Keep all of the information about your materials together in one place.

Optimise the distilling process with


Make sure you are creating products of great quality and consistency with BrewMan production. By working to stored recipes and recording all the vital information required from material batches used to QC test results you can ensure a perfect product every time.

Create and store recipes and determine the cost before production.

Record which batch or materials is being used for full traceability.

Record processes and any quality metrics you wish to track.

Keep a check on where losses are coming from and why they occur.

Simplify the calculations of your


Our software automatically calculates the Duty for beer, wine, spirits and ciders payable on each product delivered ensuring that you pay the correct amount.

Time consuming calculation of your Spirit Duty liability is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, you still have to pay it.

Keep and view a full audit of all inputs and outputs.

Automatic definition of whether duty is payable, suspended or recoverable.

Have all the information to hand when it’s time to complete your duty return.

Updates to national duty rates automatically applied from the required date.

But don’t just take our word for it

Otter Beck Distillery

"The new BrewMan system is slick and really easy to use both on our laptops and phones.

The whole team have been able to quickly place orders, manage stock and calculate duty from anywhere, saving us a lot of time in the process.

We would definitely recommend it to others!"- Chris Ives, Founder

How much does it cost?


Per concurrent user, per month

Full access to features

Unlimited user profiles*

No fixed term contract

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*Unlimited users can have their own login credentials for the system, however, the number of users who can access the system at one time depends on the number of concurrent user subscriptions bought.
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