Distillery Software

Premier's cloud-based software is designed to optimise every distillery process to increase productivity and grow your business.

Key Features

Ensure full traceability with

Raw Material Management

Every batch of materials is automatically logged into stock from purchase orders you create and receive.


Each batch is traced throughout your production through to sales, giving you end-to-end traceability.

The software calculates when materials need to be reordered based upon your actual or hypothetical production schedule.

Optimise the distilling process with


Define your ingredients and their quantities for each recipe and determine the cost before production.

For each batch the system will pick the ingredients from stock on a FIFO basis. You can then manually adjust, add or remove materials.

The software produces a batch tracking sheet to record the process and any quality metrics you wish to track.

At any stage of production you can review the cost of the batch. Once it has been put into final packaging the system will produce a cost for each unit.

Simplify the calculations of your


Our software automatically calculates the Duty for beer, wine, spirits and ciders payable on each product delivered ensuring that you pay the correct amount at the end of the month.

The system tracks all inputs and outputs, whether they are duty-payable, duty-suspended or duty-recoverable.


At the end of the month, it will complete the Duty Return and you can simply print it out. You can also see the detail of the duty declared on the Duty Return.


Time consuming calculation of your Spirit Duty liability is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, you still have to pay it.

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