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What customers say

We had been looking at BrewMan as our complete Brewery Management System solution for years. Finally we fought the pain of change and bought all elements of the package (BrewMan, Production and Retail) at the beginning of the year and wish we had done so years ago! We needed something that would link with SAGE and BrewMan has more than filled the gap in terms of much needed management account information. Now we can get reports so easily by making data field choices with the click of a mouse! Our biggest challenge was getting our heads round how easy it has made life for us by being able to enter all the industry specific trading relationships and of course the automation of the Beer Duty Return similar to SAGE doing the VAT return. We are looking forward to working with BrewMan to further develop the system in line with any future changes the industry may require. Now we wouldn't be without BrewMan - thank you Premier.

Samantha Faircliff - Cairngorm Brewery

We have used BrewMan for over a year and have been extremely pleased with the software. The system is fantastic; very user friendly and has vastly reduced the amount of time we spend on administration. Calculating the Duty Return is now done in five minutes, with a few clicks, rather than a dreaded laborious 4-5 hour chore. Our sales calls are done in half the time, as we know exactly who to call and when; and our invoicing, dray runs, cask tracking and reports are now all on one quick and easy system. Brewman has not only reduced our costs in terms of labour saved, but also significantly helped us to reduce costly delivery errors and cask losses. On the rare occasions when we’ve needed help, we have had friendly personal service within minutes. We have no hesitation in recommending BrewMan and Premier Systems.

Alison Parr - Stonehouse Brewery