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For over a decade BrewMan’s features have been specifically developed to meet the needs of over 300 businesses globally.

Manage your customers with


Customer relationships are the lifeblood of any business, and BrewMan understands the importance of providing excellent customer experiences. Our CRM features empower your sales team with all the essential information they need, whether they're in the office or on the go.

Explore sales history, pricing information, and stock availability while on the road.

Enter orders quickly and easily directly from your mobile device.

Stay on top of recurring calls with customers and identify opportunities for repeat sales by reporting on lapsed customers or days since the last delivery.

Get the most out of your time with our sales visit optimization which makes sure you are planning sales visits efficiently.

Manage and track your


Creating excellent quality products and ensuring consistency can require a lot of admin. BrewMan eases that burden, gathering all the information you want for operational improvements and need for external auditors. This allows your production team to focus on what’s important. Making sure your customers love your products every time!

Manage your production facility through the Vessel Summary Screen - record volume changes, QC Test results, losses, outputs, ingredients used, and much more, all from one place.

Record and graph your quality control tests as well as maintenance processes for external auditors such as SALSA Plus or HAACP.

Create and manage your recipes and packaging processes to create an inventory of your finished goods.

Track exactly which batches of raw materials were used in any batch to ensure end-to-end traceability.

Improve the organisation of your


Efficiency is key when it comes to distributing your orders, and BrewMan's advanced distribution solution is here to alleviate your logistical headaches.

From preparing orders for dispatch to optimizing delivery routes and gathering crucial information about each stop, BrewMan ensures that your distribution process is seamless.

Optimize your deliveries with smart routing across multiple vehicles.

Prepare everything for dispatch with picking lists, loading lists, and packing lists tailored for delivery, collection, or couriers.

Utilize our free distribution app to scan out products to customers, capture signatures and payments, and book containers.

Easily manage your fleet of vehicles, including availability, weight limits, and vehicle checks within the system.

Ensure traceability with

Cask Tracking

How many containers does your business own? Our guess would be less than what you bought! Containers are a valuable asset to your business which is why tracking them is so important. BrewMan allows you to track both containers and gyles by simply scanning a QR code.

BrewMan allows you to record your containers' content, track their whereabouts, and maintain accurate records. Rest easy knowing that your products and containers are accounted for and your profits are safe.

Ensure traceability for all products with QR-coded labels that can be scanned in or out with any smartphone. No hardware required.

Track your returnable containers, whether they're in or out, filled or empty, and which customer has them currently.

Scan out products at the point of delivery through the Distribution app to avoid potential human error if trying to deliver a specific cask.

Track non-returnable labels such as cases, pallets, or anything that requires traceability to the end customer.

Track your materials and product with

Inventory Management

As your business grows, inventory management can become a nightmare. BrewMan simplifies the process by providing accurate inventory-level information for your materials and products. As well as being counted your inventory will be tracked and reported on with minimal effort. With BrewMan, you'll always know exactly what you can make and how much you can sell.

See a live view of material and product stock across multiple locations, including for your sales team at the point of order entry.

Set replenishment levels and purchase order low-stock items.

Manage inventory levels by taking inventory or making transfers and adjustments.

See how much raw material stock is required to fulfill your production plan ahead of time and create purchase orders to bring in that stock.

Automate and simplify your

Alcohol Duty Calculation

Ditch your cumbersome spreadsheets and complex calculations. BrewMan does the hard work for you. All dutiable transactions will automatically be recorded in your system, giving you a full, detailed audit of what you need to pay and what you need to claim whether your business is in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, or South Africa. When it’s time to submit your duty return, BrewMan will present the final figures to you in a clear and easy format ready to copy and paste into your duty forms.

Calculate all duty payable for any alcohol, whether it’s beer, wine, spirits, cider, or anything else!

Record ullages in the system and claim back spoilt beer against a monthly return.

BrewMan will generate a printed TTB, ATO, or EX46 report with all the information filled in based on your activity in the system!

Manage everything in one place with


No BrewMan is an island! Our integrations with best-in-class solutions enhance the functionality of BrewMan. If you sell online or through a PoS system you can pull your orders into BrewMan keeping your stock levels accurate and your distribution smooth. You can pull data from your vessel probes directly into BrewMan and track your Kegstar containers with minimal effort.

You can also post invoices, purchase orders, and credit notes to accounting software such as Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero at the click of a button making life easier for you and your accounts team.

Post invoices, purchase orders, and credit notes to accounting software such as Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero.

Allocate stock and manage online orders from Shopify and Woocommerce.

Get production QC test results directly from your Plaato.

Keep track of your containers with our Kegstar Integration.

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