Premier's cloud based brewery management software, BrewMan, has been designed specifically for breweries and distilleries and has been developed to automatically calculate South African duty. 

Our modular system covers processes from end-to-end including duty calculation, ensuring full production traceability, stock control, distribution and cask tracking.

Key Features

Cask Tracking

Simple and effective system, allowing you to know exactly where your casks are and what's in them.

Production Module

Manage production processes, raw materials, fluid movements and ensure end-to-end traceability.

End-to-End Solution

Telesales, duty calculation, order entry and distribution all made more efficient and connected end-to-end.

Delivery app.png
Delivery App

Android device allowing draymen to record deliveries, collect cash and capture customer signatures.

Cloud-Based Software

Access from anywhere in the world with data secured and backed up every two hours.

BrewRep Module

Manage your sales team, set objectives, report progress and enter orders on the road

What Our Customers Say

BrewMan is currently used by over 200 breweries and distilleries and is now live in South Africa

Flack Manor.jpg

Whilst working towards achieving our SIBA FSQ accreditation at Flack Manor we decided to completely update our quality control program.  As part of this update we used the BrewMan production module to handle the record keeping. A year on from our audit we are still using the system to very good effect. BrewMan production keeps our ordering, cost control, stock control, traceability, production movements, cleaning schedules and logs all in one place. Our record keeping is now joined up and accessible, data entry is real time and achievable. I feel confident we can go on to achieve higher accreditations using the systems we already have in place. I would recommend BrewMan production to any brewer who prefers to spend their time in the Brewhouse rather than in front of a computer screen. 

Terry Baker - Flack Manor Brewery
Tiny Rebel.jpg

BrewMan Sales and Production became a part of Tiny Rebel in November 2014 and we love it. When you’re in a fast growing business your thoughts aren’t always on upgrading your software but looking back it was the best decision and investment we’ve made.  It enabled us to streamline our processes, massively improved our efficiencies on both production and distribution and, as Premier Systems are always working on improving BrewMan, it can now be easily interfaced with other software such as Xero and Sales-i.

Bradley Cummings - Tiny Rebel Brewery

From Saltaire’s point of view the Delivery App system has brought many benefits in terms of efficiency and professionalism.  The system saves us approximately 75% processing time a week –  we no longer scan signed delivery notes to add signatures, or scan casks in and out in the office.  Upon the driver’s return, orders are automatically marked as complete and are ready for posting to accounts. As well as improving efficiency, the application looks good, work well, and is easy to use.  Our customers tell us they appreciate having the name and signature of the person receiving the goods printed on their invoices.  It’s win-win all round.

Ewen Gordon - Saltaire Brewery