Advanced Analytics

Analyse and investigate your business performance through data visualisation specifically designed for breweries and distilleries.

Key Features

BrewMan's Advanced Analytics module allows our cloud customers to view their data on a web portal from anywhere in the world. We have made custom visualisations to provide you with immediate overviews of performance, as well as the opportunity to filter and investigate these views to discover underlying causes and drive business actions.

Built by BrewMan

- Custom visualisations built by BrewMan to show the most important metrics for breweries. 

- Utilise your BrewMan data to drive business actions such as forecasting production volumes.

Production Forecast.PNG
Performance Dashboard.PNG

Investigate with dashboards


- Reactive data; filter views as you want them to drill down into the causes behind the figures.

- Create alerts to notify you if performance drops and subscriptions to keep on top of your data.

Map your customers

- See opportunities for future sales and expansion.

- Quickly view concentrations of prospects or potential customers.

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Advanced Analytics Pricing

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