Launching October 2020: BrewMan Version 7, the new web-based version of our brewery and distillery management software, used by 250 breweries and distilleries in the UK.

BrewMan V7 has been completely rebuilt to combine the features and functions that have been developed alongside our brewery customers for twenty years with new modern interfaces and intuitive controls that can be accessed through your browser on any device. 

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Key Features

Cask Tracking

Simple and effective system, using your smartphone. No expensive hardware required!


Manage production processes, raw materials, packaging and ensure end-to-end traceability.

End-to-End Solution

Production, duty calculation, stock control and distribution all made more efficient and connected end-to-end.

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Delivery App

Integrated app, allowing drivers to record deliveries, collect signatures and track containers, all from their mobile.

Web-Based Software

Access from any browser on mobile, tablet or desktop, anywhere in the world with data secured and backed up every two hours.


Manage your customers, add sales notes and enter orders on the road

What Our Customers Say

BrewMan V7 has been tested live by breweries and distilleries to receive vital feedback to aide development.


The new BrewMan system is slick and really easy to use both on our laptops and phones. The whole team have been able to quickly place orders, manage stock and calculate duty from anywhere, saving us a lot of time in the process. We would definitely recommend it to others!

Chris Ives - Otterbeck Distillery

BrewMan V7 Pricing


Per Concurrent User

This includes all features: CRM, Production, Delivery App and Accounts Link are all included.