Sales Ordering

This product is proven in the market and can significantly increase the throughput of orders - thus saving valuable staff time. In fact the despatch processing part of the product has saved up to 25% of the time taken on despatch as the system checks what is being packed is what has been ordered.

Order Entry

Fast and easy order entry is the key to the Sales Order Processing function.

Standard or customer discounts are automatically applied to ensure quick and accurate order entry while the customer is still on the telephone.

Stock is checked immediately for availability so the customer can be informed if no stock is available and alternatives can be recommended.

Once the order has been placed there is no further data entry necessary to take the order through despatching and invoicing.

During Order Entry the system will tell you immediately if the quantity you are ordering is not in stock. Once the order line has been entered, the stock will be allocated as long as there is stock available.

The standard discounts or the customer discounts are clearly visible at order entry and applied automatically.

Despatch Processing

Once an order has been entered and approved for despatch, it can be selected for picking.

Picking lists can either be produced individually for each order or can be printed in summary by bin location. Additionally, if a caged trolley is used during the picking process, the summary picking list shows into which cage the picked items should be placed.

Despatch Notes are printed for each order along with a bar-coded representation of the order number. After the order has been picked, it is passed on for checking and packing.

Each order is checked before it is packed. The order number is scanned from the Despatch Note and the bar-coded label of each product picked is scanned. The system will inform the user if the order is correctly picked and only then will the system allow the order to be packed and shipped.


Once verified, packaging labels are printed for the required number of packages.

If you are using an automated consignment note generator for your logistics company, the system will produce the required documents and transactions and email them if required.

If the order is complete, the system will automatically create an invoice for this order.

We decided on BrewMan from the outset because we thought the system offered the best combination of ease-of-use, the functionality we needed, the support we needed and the ability to add functionality in future. We have been delighted with the system, which has given us all that we expected, as well as the back-up service and advice, which has been exceptional. We are clear that the adoption of the BrewMan system has saved significant costs of administration, and given us the confidence that our essential systems are robust. We have already recommended BrewMan to other brewers and will continue to do so.

Bill King and Richard Peters - Firebird Brewery


Invoicing is an automated part of the Sales Despatch Processing function.

Once an order has been completely despatched an invoice is automatically created. You can also force the creation of an invoice for a part despatched order and the system will automatically create a balancing invoice upon completion of the order.

Invoices, for any selected order, can be displayed and printed at any time.


Stock Contol

Stock Control is an integral part of the Sales Order processing system. Stock is recorded and allocated against Sales Orders at the time of taking the order thus ensuring you are not promising something you cannot deliver. If there is insufficient stock you are immediately informed.

The main features of the Stock Control system are as follows:

  • Easy Product and Supplier set up

  • Catalogue and Bin Locations

  • Automatic Stock Replenishment Ordering

  • Stock Allocation De-Allocation for Sales Orders

  • Sorted Picking Lists

  • Back Ordering Facility

  • Full Stock Movement Audit and Reporting

  • Stock Take Routines

  • Full Stock Reporting and Valuation

Suppliers and Products can be set up quickly and easily. For each product you can enter:

  • Code and Description

  • Sales Unit

  • Banded Pricing / Discounts

  • Notes

  • Minimum Stock Level and Re-Order Quantity

You can record the Catalogue page of

each product so that, if a customer only quotes the catalogue page number, you can quickly identify the product.

Each product is allocated a bin location so that the picking lists can be printed in the correct order for picking.


You can define minimum stock levels for your products and quickly view which items are at or below their minimum stock level. You can then select some or all products for which to place a purchase order. The system will generate purchase orders with the re-order quantity as specified by you for each product. You can then modify any purchase order before confirming it. Using these powerful features you can easily manage your stock re-ordering and keep your stock to a minimum.

Once a Sales Order is entered the system will allocate available stock. You can, if required, de-allocate stock from one order so that another order can be allocated.

You can select any orders ready for despatch for picking. If you select multiple orders, the system will allocate a cage number to each order selected so that, during the picking process, you simply pick the product specified and place it in the cage specified by the system.

The picking list is sorted into bin number sequence so that picking is straight forward.


Any order that cannot be satisfied from stock can have a back order created for the missing items. The back orders can be automatically created, just like the stock replenishment orders, but when the goods are received they are immediately allocated to the order that generated the back order - the goods do not get put into stock.

A full audit record is maintained detailing all stock movements in and out for each product. You can view this record on the screen or print it.

Stock taking can be done at any time. The system allows you to 'freeze' the stock level for all or a range of products so that a count can be taken. You enter the counted stock and the system will produce a report showing the stock variance, both quantity and value, and will update the stock level.

The are many reports that can be run allowing you to analyse your current stock, stock movements, etc.

Mary Ruffell - Sambrook’s Brewery

Back Ordering

Stock Ordering and Back Ordering are simple as the system gives you a complete list of all products that need to be ordered. You can then select whether to place an order for:

  • an individual product

  • an individual sales order

  • all products for a specific supplier

  • all outstanding products


Significant cutback in administration due to BrewMan’s delivery app, all signed PODs/Invoices can be sent electronically, no more scanning. Delivery schedules easy to plan with each driver having access to all the routes. Cash and cheque payments easily recorded on the handset and a report produced at end of day for cashing up – environmentally friendly. One other very important advantage – no filing!

Purchase Ordering

Built into the system is a complete purchase ordering and receipts module. the main features of the module are as follows:

  • Purchase Order Entry

  • Goods Receipts

  • Purchase Invoice Entry

  • Stock Updates

  • Supplier and Purchase Order Reporting

Purchase Order entry is fast and simple. Once an order has been entered it can be automatically printed, faxed or emailed to your supplier.

Goods receipts can be quickly entered against a purchase order. The goods received are either placed into stock (if this is a stock order) or are allocated against a specific Sales Order (if this is a back order).

Purchase invoices can be entered into the system against purchase orders. The information provided in the purchase invoice can be used to update the cost price of your products.

Once an invoice has been entered, the information may be passed to your accounting package.

There are many reports available to allow you to analyse your purchase ordering and stock.


Interface to accounts

Built into the system are many interfaces to allow information to be passed to your accounting package.

The system can currently interface to the following packages:

  • Sage Line 50

  • Sage Line 100

  • Sage Line 200

  • QuickBooks

  • Opera II

Should you require an interface to another package we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


What people say

We are thrilled with BrewMan; it has streamlined our systems and has enabled our staff to become more productive, we are already adding more users. Premier’s support is excellent and I would recommend BrewMan to anyone!

Belinda Sutton - Elgood & Sons Ltd


Choosing BrewMan has been an excellent choice for Cumbrian Legendary Ales. With the help of BrewMan we have grown significantly since it’s installation in January 2011. BrewMan has proved to be a fantastic product with superb support. We wouldn’t be without it.

Roger Humphreys - Cumbrian Legendary Ales

Just a quick one to say the new handheld delivery device is working really well for us. It cuts down on paperwork, saves us a considerable amount of time, and helps reduce errors. We would certainly recommend it to other brewers.

Jared Brown – Gloucester Brewery