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BrewMan Software

Premier's web-based brewery management software, BrewMan, has been designed and written specifically for breweries. BrewMan enables you to manage your business from wherever you are, on any device. 


Manage your customers with


Explore a customer's sales history, pricing information and stock availability, all while on the road.

Enter orders quickly and easily directly on your mobile.

Add new prospects and customers seamlessly

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Track your materials and product with

Stock Control

Order Entry is a simple process with our Brewery Management Software.  When you create your customer records you can define how BrewMan should calculate the product price, either by a Price List or using an ABV formula price, and what discount you wish to give to the customer.

When you enter the order, BrewMan knows exactly the price to use for the customer and automatically apply applicable discounts such as a ‘one for free’ promotions. If required you can change any price or discount manually at the point of order.

Improve the organisation of your


Distribution planning is an easy process in BrewMan.


The software creates your Distribution Plan and allocates orders to optimal delivery routes. If you want to make changes you can re-allocate orders to different routes and also split or combine routes.


Once the routes are decided you can print any other documentation you require:

•    Picking Lists

•    Loading Sheets

•    Dray Run by Route

•    Invoices and Delivery Notes


Once the order has been delivered successfully, the invoice can be passed to your integrated accounting software.

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Delivery App

BrewMan's Cask Tracking is simple, easy to use and, above all, effective.


Each container is labelled with a permanent bar code.  When you are racking the container, you apply a journey label containing the product information, gyle, best before date and tasting notes to the container and these two labels are scanned.  Scanning the container informs BrewMan which container has just been filled and what is in the container.

Automate and simplify your

Duty Calculation

BrewMan calculates the Duty for beer, wine, spirits and ciders payable on each product delivered ensuring that you pay the correct amount at the end of the month.  BrewMan tracks all inputs and outputs, whether they are duty-payable, duty-suspended or duty-recoverable.


The software gives you a number of audit reports so that you can see the detail of the duty declared on the Duty Return.


Spending all your time calculating Duty is a thing of the past.

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BrewMan has numerous reports to give you the information you need to be able to plan your production, check your sales and your profitability. Reports have selection criteria, such as date range, as well as summary and detail selection so that you can drill-down into your data to get the information you need.


If there is not a standard report you need, BrewMan allows you to create your own report showing the information you require, the way that you want to see it.   

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Cask Tracking

BrewMan is hosted on cloud servers, enabling you to access your brewery management software from anywhere in the world


The benefits of the Cloud:

  • Fast access from anywhere in the world on any windows device.

  • No more responsibility for server hardware and upgrades.

  • Backups done automatically every two hours to two distinct physical locations.

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What Our Customers Say

BrewMan is the UK & Ireland's No.1 brewery management software and is currently used by over 200 breweries and distilleries. See what our customers say about us here: Testimonials

We wouldn’t be without BrewMan. I wish someone had recommended it to me seven years ago when we first started the brewery. BrewMan makes everything so much easier and we wouldn’t be without it

Dave Hughes
Acorn Brewery

I started the brewery with BrewMan in place and it made life easier from the start. I think anyone would be mad to set up a brewery without it. BrewMan has cut my workload by half and has been a real life saver. I can really recommend it!

Robert Wicks
Westerham Brewery Co.

BrewMan has made the management of the brewery immeasurably easier - looking back, I don't know how we survived for so long without it. I would strongly advise any start-up brewery to install BrewMan from the outset - it will save you a lot of time and headaches! 

Claire Ashbridge-Thomlinson
East London Brewery
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