Premier's Commodity Contract system is specifically designed for commodity brokers and makes the back-office processing of your trades considerably easier.

Producing accurate contracts for your trades can be a time-consuming affair, but using Premier's Commodity Contract system you can generate clear, professional contracts quickly and easily.

Contract Details

You can determine exactly what text is added to your printed contract by selecting options, for example, you can set up commodities and the precise specifications of the commodity so that when you select the commodity the associated specifications are  added automatically allowing you to amend them as appropriate without have to re-type large amounts of data.

The contract can include details of the following:


  • Buyer

  • Seller

  • Commodity

  • Commodity Specifications

  • Shipment Specifications

  • Price

  • Terms

  • Commissions

Contract Printing

We believe that the image you present to your clients is important.  Therefore, the contracts that are produced are clearly laid out and can be:

  • Printed

  • Faxed

  • emailed as a PDF attachment



The contract system can be used by your agents.  Each agent can be put onto a commission and this commission will be calculated from your fee.  You can print a report at any time showing the current level of commission that is outstanding against any agent.


You can invoice your trades at any time, either in selecting all invoices to be created or an individual trade's invoice.  The invoice can then be printed and, if required, automatically passed to your accounting system's Sales Ledger. 

Utilising the Commodity Contracts system you can be sure that all of your trades have been invoiced.


You can run reports at any time, for example, you can print your current position. 

You can also create your own reports on an ad-hoc basis.


What people say

We were keen to install some brewery software early in our brewery’s life while we still had some spare time and to avoid the disruption of installing new systems in later years.We chose BrewMan because of the glowing recommendations of other brewers which had used the system and have never regretted the decision. We’ve found BrewMan simple to work with, reliable and robust in everyday use and the updates and support structure from Premier Systems is excellent. BrewMan helps us run all our product, orders, stock, racking and duty processes efficiently, meaning we can get on with making the beer.

Richard Burhouse - Magic Rock Brewing Co Ltd

We had run a couple of different brewery management systems since we started in 2008, but none of them quite fitted the bill. After looking at different options and talking with the providers we decided BrewMan fitted the bill perfectly. We have been running BrewMan brewery management for two and a half years now and have found it invaluable. Ordering, stock management and distribution as well as outlet performance and duty reporting, these are all covered expertly. The cask tracking system has ensured that we do not waste valuable assets sat uncollected for months at a time. We were so pleased with Brewery Management that we chose to install the Production element 18 months ago, which we are equally as pleased with and are now considering BrewRep for the future

Backyard Brewhouse