BrewMan Production

BrewMan's Version 6 Production module manages production processes, raw materials, fluid movements and ensures end-to-end traceability for your brewery or distillery. In BrewMan Version 7 (2021), Production is now part of the core system.

Key Features


Recipe Management

You can define your recipes to ensure consistency and quality control, showing:​

  • Ingredients and quantities required

  • Every step of the brewing process

  • Production details such as Strike Temperature and Mash PH with expected values.

  • Quality Assurance Checks

Production Process Planning​

During Production the system tracks​:

  • All ingredients used and the batches they came from.

  • Planned and actual production parameters

  • Planned and actual quality checks

  • Movements from vessel to vessel​

  • Losses and reasons for losses.

Raw Material Traceability​


Our complete stock control and purchase ordering system manages your raw materials.

  • Each raw material can be traced to a supplier​, batch number and all the way through to the gyle in which it was used.​ 

  • Based on your production plan, the system calculates the raw materials you require and can automatically create purchase orders for your suppliers.

The system can report upon your total production yield, costs of producing each batch, quality checks, volumes planned, in production, stocked and much more.

Flack Manor.jpg

Whilst working towards achieving our SIBA FSQ accreditation at Flack Manor we decided to completely update our quality control program.  As part of this update we used the BrewMan production module to handle the record keeping. A year on from our audit we are still using the system to very good effect. BrewMan production keeps our ordering, cost control, stock control, traceability, production movements, cleaning schedules and logs all in one place. Our record keeping is now joined up and accessible, data entry is real time and achievable. I feel confident we can go on to achieve higher accreditations using the systems we already have in place. I would recommend BrewMan production to any brewer who prefers to spend their time in the Brewhouse rather than in front of a computer screen. 

Terry Baker - Flack Manor

Quality Accreditations

There are a number of accreditations that are applicable to breweries, including SIBA’s standards, HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and the SALSA plus Beer Audit.

BrewMan’s production module specifically addresses requirements to help you achieve the accreditations such as:


- Cleaning: BrewMan monitors the usage of your brewing vessels and tanks and, once a vessel has been emptied, flags the vessel as requiring a clean.

- Control of Raw Materials: BrewMan keeps records of all batches of raw materials, received by date and batch number. 

Quality Requirements: The system produces a brew control sheet for every batch you brew with any required quality control checks defined. 

Modern Brewery

The production module is the one that I use most. It is really helpful from the traceability point of view. It did help us a lot to successfully pass the SIBA FSQ audit. There are certain excellent features in there like maintaining cleaning records, raw material forecasting and ordering. It is very good for calculating production cost very accurately depending on the information you provide.

Venkatesh Lyer - Leeds Brewery

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