BrewMan Delivery App

Simplify your dray runs by completing the whole process on-the-road with an easy-to-use mobile application for BrewMan V6. In BrewMan Version 7 (2021), the app is now part of the core system.

Key Features

Delivery app.png

Delivery Process Simplified

The app will download the day's delivery route information set in BrewMan​. For each outlet on the route, the app user can:

  • Display Order Details

  • Scan Containers for delivery

  • Update Quantities

  • Capture Signature

  • Record Payments

  • Scan Containers for Return

  • Record additional notes


Auto-Upload to BrewMan

Upon completion, all of the delivery details are automatically uploaded to BrewMan

  • Orders are updated with quantity changes

  • Orders are flagged as complete

  • Payments are logged and reported

  • Delivered and returned items update container tracking​


Signature Capture

Once a customer's signature is captured in the app, it is automatically appended to all printed or emailed copies of any order or invoice.


This particularly helps with certain customers who insist upon a signed copy of every order.

 Your office staff will no longer be required to verify the orders or scan the deliveries and returns.


From Saltaire’s point of view the Delivery App system has brought many benefits in terms of efficiency and professionalism.  The system saves us approximately 75% processing time a week –  we no longer scan signed delivery notes to add signatures, or scan casks in and out in the office.  Upon the driver’s return, orders are automatically marked as complete and are ready for posting to accounts. As well as improving efficiency, the application looks good, work well, and is easy to use.  Our customers tell us they appreciate having the name and signature of the person receiving the goods printed on their invoices.  It’s win-win all round.

Ewen Gordon - Saltaire Brewery
Run the app on the ruggedised

RS31 Device

- 4.7 inch display, ruggedised with protective boot to prevent damage.

- Runs Android operating system

- Integrated barcode reader

- Wifi and Mobile enabled

RS31 Cipherlab.jpg

I joined the industry and Acorn Brewery in March 2017, one of my quick win objectives was to implement efficiencies and put the WOW factor into our way of working. Following 2 months internal due diligence Acorn Brewery took the decision to invest further with BrewMan, we upgraded the System to version 6 and purchased 2 of the handheld PDAs for the Drayman the view was to run 50% paper base and 50% PDA, to embed the new process. Let’s just say it was that simplistic to use and time effective for the Drayman, the office team and for our customers, it took less that 2 weeks to take the jump and give all our Drayman a device. We have now reduced our paper work by circa 70% we have decreased time on deliveries and saved around 4 hours a week on paper work in the office.  It’s fair to say I can’t remember a time before the devices and nor do I want to. They have fundamentally changed our way of working and have definitely given us the WOW factor we were aiming for. 

Christy Hughes - Acorn Brewery

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