Bottle Tracking

Premier's Bottle Tracking system is designed specifically to track gas bottles delivered to your customers to ensure that you know who has your bottles and how long they have had them.

Each bottle has a barcode that identifies the bottle size, the gas type and the unique bottle identification number.   When you deliver a bottle to a customer you can scan the bottle's barcode to log the movement of the bottle to the customer.  When you collect a bottle you can again scan the barcode to record the return of the bottle.

Premier's Bottle Tracking software is designed for ease-of-use and incorporates the following:

  • Delivery Note and Invoice Printing (if using SAGE accounts)

  • Route Sheet Printing (if using accounts other than SAGE)

  • Log of all bottles at a customer

  • Log of cash receipts


The movement data for your bottles is scanned using a hand-held scanner.

There are a number of reports which assist you to keep track of where your bottles are:

  • Bottles Overdue

  • Bottles Out or Lost

Some of the advantages in impementing Premier's Bottle Tracking are:

  • Reduce turnaround time of bottles

  • Less losses

  • Better stock control, order and tracking accuracy

  • More detailed data about the bottle, its contents and location

  • Reduced costs in tracking and managing bottle stock

  • Better customer service

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What people say

BrewMan is a very efficient user friendly system with a wealth of information easily accessible. It’s such a good system I could go on and on. BrewMan has significantly reduced the time I spend on Duty Returns & I would recommend it to any one. 

Eric Lucas - Daleside Brewery Ltd

As a growing brewery we needed a low-hassle system with good IT support. The hosted BrewMan service by Premier Systems fits the bill nicely. All maintenance is carried out at their end so we can concentrate on making great beer and getting it out to our customers!

Peter Hills - Hackney Brewery Ltd

BrewMan has made the management of the brewery immeasurably easier - looking back, I don't know how we survived for so long without it. I would strongly advise any start-up brewery to install BrewMan from the outset - it will save you a lot of time and headaches!

Claire Ashbridge-Thomlinson - East London Brewery