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Beef Stroganoff

This wonderfully flavored dish is another favorite among the fine dining crowd. Beef Stroganoff is truly fit for company. However, the meal does demand timing because the Stroganoff is cooked on the stove top and the very last minutes will require the chefs full attention. Beef Stroganoff goes well with Garlic Bread, Tomatoes Provincial, (the recipe you will find on this site), and a nice pile of pasta, buttered fettucini is a natural.

To Begin Beef Stroganoff: Put 2 Tbl. Caraway seeds in a ╝ cup of boiling water, set aside. In a heavy pan brown quickly in hot oil 2 lbs good beefsteak, cubed or sliced into 1/4"X1/2" x 3" strips.


I onion, chopped

I garlic clove, minced

1/2 tsp. chervil

1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms

SautÚ until onions are transparent.

Add and mix well:

2+ Tbl. Hungarian paprika

2 Tbl. tomato paste

Add, stirring constantly:

2 bouillon cubes dissolved in 3 cups boiling water.

Simmer, covered, until meat is very tender, and little liquid remains.


2 Tbl. chopped parsley

Liquid from caraway seeds

salt and pepper to taste Stir in I cup sour cream, reheat to simmer.

Serve Beef Stroganoff on dinner plates over Fettuccini.

CHEFS NOTE: To prevent Beef Stroganoff curdling, have sour cream at room temperature. Mix a little of the hot broth into the sour cream, then stir sour cream into the bulk of the meat mixture. Reheat gently, but do not bring to boiling point or the sauce will curdle.

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