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Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce is the famous Italian tomato sauce. Marinara Sauce can be rich and meaty, good over spaghetti or linguini, or it can be light and vegetarian, for veal parmigiano or such. Marinara Sauce is good with big chunks of wild mushrooms in it and served over pasta. Here is my recipe for a good honest marinara with about any kind of ground meat. Beef of course is a natural. This recipe is also fine for vegetarian Marinara Sauce. Leave out the meat, and go a bit lighter on the spices. Wild mushrooms are good with Marinara Sauce.

In a heavy fry pan brown:

  • 1 lb ground meat
  • 2 Tbl olive oil


  • 6 cloves garlic, chopped

Fry until garlic begins to frizz a bit, add:

  • Handful or so mushrooms, good but optional

Toss around a bit till mushrooms wilt some, add:

  • 4-5 cans tomato sauce
  • a can or two of dry wine, red or white
  • Tbl or two of fresh basil, or couple tsp. dry
  • tsp. oregano
  • good grind black pepper
  • ˝ tsp. fennel seed, crushed
  • tsp. vinegar
  • scant tsp. sugar
  • dash Tabasco
  • other kinds of chile are optional

Let Marinara Sauce simmer down slowly, stir occasionally so it doesn’t stick. This is a very versatile sauce with a wide range of uses. The above would be quite right for a good plate of Spaghetti for half a dozen people. Make the Marinara Sauce more concentrated, and more highly spiced if you are going to flavor a whole Lasagna with it, or make Marinara Sauce much lighter, and without meat, to showcase freshly found wild mushrooms, or as an accent to Veal a’la Parmigiano. Marinara Sauce is a fun sauce to play with and modify. Enjoy.

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