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Moffitt Picks Some Good Cookbooks for the Modern Kitchen

There are a few truly Classic Cookbooks: Escofier, La Rousse and a handful of other, real serious professional works.

Then there are a lot of good cookbooks, the ones that cover the ground well, and teach you something.

Here are some of those good cookbooks, and every one of them can teach you something, whether it is the right way to cook Mexican beans, or maybe a subtle trick to speed things up. The cookbooks below range from a trestise on the Hot! cuisines of the world to a broad based look at how to cook for entertaining and fun meals. There is even a venison cookbook written by a professional chef.

Whatever you like though, look around through these good cookbooks and the rest of the site. Learn what you can, and:

Keep on cookin!


by Debbie Meyer

If you could only have one reference cookbook, this would be an excellent choice for beginning cooks to accomplished chefs! "Good Friends Great Tastes" is a comprehensive entertainment guide that includes everything from planning the event and setting the table to an organized shopping list and after dinner games to stimulate conversation. The author tested and selected over 275 recipes and paired 30 complete menus with wine. She includes variations of many recipes which encourages your own creativity. There are easy preparation ideas, garnishing ideas and each recipe denotes whether you may make it ahead and what kitchen tools are needed. You get to know the author with some anecdotes about friendship and the origin of recipes. A super gift for your good friends with great taste!

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by Dianne Kennedy

There are few real cookbooks that attempt to cover the Mexican Cuisine. One reason is that Mexico is an incredibly complex patchwork of many very disparate regional cultures. In any part of Mexico, the culture will be distinctive, and is a mix of the various influences of Spanish, French, German, Anglo and other extranjero cultures, and the local, ancient Indian base. Mexican writers can write about their part of Mexico, but usually tend to see the rest of the country through a dark glass. It has taken an Anglo, and a lady at that, to write the best books yet on the incredibly complex Mexican Cuisine. These two are classic books. Not only are the recipes well described and easy to follow, but the tales Dianne tells give you a feel not only for where the recipes are from, but what the people were like who taught them to her. These two books are to be enjoyed.

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by Bruce Moffitt

If you are a hunter, know a hunter, or have an upscale meat market available, venison is wonderful food. Venison is usually thought of as deer meat, but it is also the meat from elk, moose, caribou, antelope and such. Beef is a good substitute. Here is a cookbook by a hunter and professional chef that not only has a wide variety of top-class venison recipes, but also recipes for many of the dishes that go best with a venison dinner. From Venison Bourginonne to Lime Pie, this a real treasure of a cookbook.
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The Frugal Gourmet

by Jeff Smith

Jeff smith is a good guy. He taught religion at the University of Puget Sound, he studied food as history, and he hosted more than a hundred cooking shows, including his signature show, "The Frugal Gourmet". He is so famous I do not have to say anything more. Here is his flagship cookbook, "The Frugal Gourmet Cookbook". In a dry sort of a way, this could be considered a very classy cookbook. It is certainly a cookbook that is easy to follow, interesting to read, and should be "on hand" in your kitchen.

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Fiery Cuisines

by Dave DeWatt

This is a great book for lovers of hot food. Dave and Nancy have scoured the world for examples of the best of the hottest and spiciest cuisines, from Creole Cocktail Sauce or Stir Fried Vegetables to Guatamalen Red Snapper, New Mexican Chile con Carne, or Indian Curries. These dishes range from mildly hot to the truly incendiary, and feature a range of chiles and many other hot spices such as ginger, black pepper, horseradish, or mustard. There is also a good bit of the history of many of these spices, cooking tips, tips on how to survive fearsome chiles, and information on the cultures that spawned these treasures. For the adventuresome cook this is a wonderful aquisition or gift.

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by Thomas A. Beck and Barbara J. Beck

Hatch, New Mexico, is the center of the chile lover's universe. Now it's official cookbook is back in print....The Hatch Chile Cookbook has been updated, redesigned and published in a fifth edition. The new cookbook contains more than 150 recipes for delicious dishes made with the popular pepper including traditional favorites like chicken enchiladas and sophisticated new chile cuisine like seafood fajitas. With The Hatch Chile Cookbook, chile fans can be confident cooking their favorite dishes at home!

The colorful new design of the book features easy-to-follow pages with a column for the chef's own notes, nine categories of recipes with everything from fiery finger foods to diabolic desserts, and background information on the Hatch Valley and the types of peppers grown there.

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by Marcella Hazan

"Marcella's book is the most authentic guide to Italian food ever written in the U.S. Where other authors failed, Marcella has brilliantly succeeded in capturing (and conveying to the reader on every page) the feel, the aromatic scent, the subtle nuances of of fresh country flavors and, above all, the easy uncomplication of Italian food prepared in the Italian Style."
Roy Andries de Groot

A grand cookbook this one. With almost seven hundred pages of the Italian cuisine, this book covers it all, and in a very easy to read and thorough style. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one Italian cookbook, this would be an excellent choice....

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Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing

By Rytek Kutas

"It is one of the most definitive manuals on sausage-making in the English Language." -Craig Claiborne

"It is still the definitive manual on sausage-making in the English Language into the year 2000. An excellent book and an impressive achievement." -Bruce Moffitt

It is seldom that you find a book that is so far ahead of its competitors that it seems to be alone in its field. This is one of them. Rytek Kutas has written the book about sausage making in this day and age. As a professional sausage maker, in that interesting town of Las Vegas, he not only had to put out the finest of product to survive, he had to do it in a political atmosphere that makes for great reading. The stories are interesting, but the recipes here are the most important part, and they are concise and written in an easy to read style. All aspects of the sausage making process are covered in detail, from the choosing of initial ingredients to sources of spices, equipment and casings. If you have ever dreamed of slicing your own salami, cooking a pizza with your own pepperoni or enjoying homemade breakfast sausage or chorizo with eggs, you need this cookbook.

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by The Hershey Company

From the steppes of Siberia to the plains of the Serengeti, rare indeed is the person, young or old, who has not heard of Hershey's chocolate! It could be the best known product in the world. The Hershey Company was founded by Milton Hershey in Pennsylvania in the late 1800's, and quickly grew to become an international phenomenon. Here is Hershey's 100th Anniversary Cookbook, the distillation of 100 years of chocolate knowledge. It covers the entire spectrum of chocolate know how, from the history of chocolate, the preparation of the primary products, and the various forms that chocolate takes to a stunning variety of chocolate recipes. For anyone who likes chocolate, and who doesn't, this is a treasurehouse of a cookbook.

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