This is the classic 1971 Ranchero. It shares its engineering, and most of its parts, with the 1970, and is the last year the Ranchero had a unibody. It not only handles like a big sports car, but the 1971 Ranchero is probably the best looking of all of the Rancheros.

This Ranchero has a 302 2V, recently rebuilt by Knighton Motors here, with a slightly hotter than stock cam. The C-4 was also recently rebuilt as was the front suspension. It has a sway bar from a Torino station wagon, big shocks, optional wide rims, disk front brakes and 2 1/2 inch drums in back. Vinyl top is recent, as is headliner. Interior is in good shape. The car has been re-painted a couple times in the past, but always in the origional "Grabber Blue". I have a friend in Maine who has the pattern for these origional "White Sale" stripes and can reproduce them if needed. The car has about 250,000 miles on it. The body has a few dings, but the car has never been wrecked or otherwise mistreated, and is a treat to drive.

This 1971 Ranchero was ordered by someone with good taste in cars, but who never took delivery. It was sold new to my Dad by his friend Harry Sexton, the Service Manager at Center City Ford in San Diego. I picked it up in San Diego when I left Australia in 1974, and I have had it here in the Albuquerque area ever since.

This Ford also comes with a large quantity of parts. These include drums, disks, front suspension parts, window glass, a gas tank, bumpers, springs, wiring harnesses, dash boards, rebuilt drive shaft, interior parts, hinges, latches, steering column parts, and much more. There is a full set of professional shop manuals. There is also a very nice camper shell.

I am pleased to say that the Ranchero recently sold to a gentleman from Espanola, New Mexico. I will leave this site up for a while in memory of a fine car. If you would like to advertise your car or something related on this site, please contact me.

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